The Grant Process

Who Is Eligible?

The Digital Accelerator Grants are available to a wide range of Irish based businesses. Retail, E-commerce, service based or tourist businesses are all eligible. The grants are available to start ups, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. as long as they have less than 80 employees and under €8 million turnover per year.

While the Local Enterprise Office’s “Online Trading Vouchers” are aimed at e-commerce based SME businesses and Enterprise Ireland’s “Digital Transition Fund” and “Online Retail Scheme” is aimed at internationally trading businesses, Digital Accelerator Grants offer a path for other businesses to improve their digital infrastructure.

Who Is NOT Eligible?

Companies not headquartered in Ireland.
Publicly traded companies.
Companies / Organisations fully or partly owned / operated by the State.
Companies who have received a Digital Accelerator Grant in the last 24 months.
Activities related to gambling, tobacco use or digital marketing/web development companies.

How Are Applications Assessed?

Applications will be assessed on the basis of potential impact to the company and the chances of success of the project and the aims of the grant. The aims of the grant are to improve the digital capabilities of Irish business, to modernise the digital infrastructure of Irish businesses and encourage business growth. We aim to complete assessment within 4 – 7 days.

What Happens Next?

We are partnered with several web development and digital marketing companies that have been vetted and assessed as to their capabilities and track record of success. We will assign one to your account and they may assist with your application. If your application is successful they will be your development/marketing company for the life of the project.

After Project Approval

Once the project is approved you and your assigned partner will be notified and the project can commence. While projects can vary in length it is the aim to have all web development portions of projects completed and funded within 3 months of approval.

How Does The Funding Work?

For the web development portion of the project we fund the final 30% payment of the project. For the funds to be released the project must be complete and the initial 70% of the project funded by the company receiving the grant. The funding will be paid direct to your development partner 30 days in arrears.

For the monthly management of marketing there will be two payments made direct to your partner. The first 3 months will be paid in one sum 30 days in arrears after month 3, the second 3 months will also be paid in one sum 30 days in arrears after month 6 providing the company has funded the remaining costs.

On Project Completion

When the web development project is completed you or your partner can notify us of its completion and the marketing agreement going forward. The funding will be released as per the schedule outlined above. You may be contacted by one of our team for feedback on the grant, the process and your development/marketing partner.

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