About Digital Accelerator Grants

Established in 2022, Digital Accelerator Grants is on a mission to narrow the technology gap between Irish companies and overseas counterparts. We are dedicated to empowering businesses in Ireland by fostering the adoption of the latest web technologies. Our vision is simple yet powerful – to increase sales, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce costs for Irish enterprises through digital transformation.

Digital Accelerator Grants

Unlocking Opportunities for All Business Types

Digital Accelerator Grants is proud to stand apart from traditional grants by embracing inclusivity. Our grants are open to a diverse range of businesses, including service companies, e-commerce ventures, retail establishments, sole traders, partnerships, and SMEs. We believe that every business has the potential for growth, and we are here to help them seize opportunities in the digital landscape.

Driving Towards a Thriving Irish Digital Economy

Our specific goals are deeply rooted in advancing the Irish digital economy. We aspire to capture a significant portion of the €3 billion annual consumer spending that currently flows to overseas companies. By supporting service-based businesses in embracing modern technologies, we aim to enhance their operations and marketing capabilities. We are equally committed to providing sole traders and startups with the means to flourish and expand their growing ventures.

Empowering Success Through Collaboration

At Digital Accelerator Grants, collaboration is at the core of our approach. We understand that the journey to digital success requires expert guidance. That’s why we pair each grant with a vetted digital marketing and web development company. Our partners are selected based on their forward-thinking approach and proven track record of delivering successful projects. Together, we forge a path towards business growth and prosperity.

Your Partner in Digital Progress

We invite businesses in Ireland to join us on this transformative journey. If you need assistance in taking the next step to embrace the latest tech and improve your marketing, web presence, and cost management, Digital Accelerator Grants is here for you.

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Who Supports Digital Accelerator Grants?

We currently have 4 partner organisations supporting the grants:

Digital Impact Ireland: An organisation dedicated to improving the range of digital skills and knowledge within Ireland for business and individuals. They aim to support business, empower employees and grow the Irish digital community.

Irish Marketing Network: A community of Irish marketing companies and organisations aimed at raising the quality of Irish marketing and encouraging collaboration and innovation. Their mission is to elevate the marketing landscape in Ireland. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we’re dedicated to making marketing better through collaboration and knowledge.

StartUp Launch Pad: Focused on providing supports for new start up businesses in Ireland. Covering tech, retail, services and brick and mortar businesses StartUp Launch Pad helps a range of businesses in Ireland. They aim to foster innovation, create connections, and empower businesses to thrive, not just in the Irish market but on the global stage as well.

Pure Sky Hosting: A 100% Irish owned hosting solution providing a range of hosting options from starter packages up to high end high demand servers for even the biggest businesses.

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